The Apparent Motive
Free Speech and Political Hip Hop
The FBI is watching us...
Let's give'em a good show!
Eat a D1ck Cheney Productions
in association with Revelation Records Presents
The Apparent Motive -
"Still Hope 4 Change."
Mission Statement
The government wants to kill you.  Sheep! I'm here to wake you up!  You are asleep, allowing the corporatist media conspiracy to control your mind as they pilfer your wallet! 


But its okay!  You, too,  can understand the secret workings of the global corporate elite in order to assist in their defeat.  We defeat them by spreading knowledge.  Knowledge is power.  Listen to my lyrics carefully. Oh yeah, and the government wants to kill you.
You are terror suspect #
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Terlingua Liberation Front
We already won our revolution!
The Apparent Motive -
All of us (Anonymous)

Obama to the back of the bus! by Dj2am